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DELICACY + SENSUALITY + AWE-INSPIRING ORCHIDS For over 20 years I have been seduced by the beauty of Orchids.  I grow them, serve them, love them, stay memorized by them as they blossom



SUNRISES AWAKEN ME AND BREATHE LIFE INTO ME I grew up experiencing the Sunsets over the water on the Gulf of Mexico from Florida, US.  I never had any




SUNSETS A childhood of watching Sunsets has them always have me be in awe ... that childlike awe never goes away.  Now I live on the east coast I



STAND ME UNDER A FULL MOON As a small child I remember opening up my blinds in my room and talking to Sister Moon.  She was my companion each



IT AIN'T ABOUT A POT OF GOLD AT THE END They never cease to surprise me, entice me, tease me .... and make me stop & try over &

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