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MISSING AGAIN The tenderness I feel for you Is so deep My heart Is filled With Softness Longing Vulnerability I never imagined I could miss You More than I missed you Before The missing of Decades The reuniting Of a year The missing of Months How can This missing Be

MISSING AGAIN2021-12-11T19:32:01+00:00


ASKING I ask because I don’t Want to do Anything That impacts You Without your Permission I ask because You deserve Complete Free will And a say In your Life Always I may not Want to hear Your answer I may not Want to hear No answer But I ask



NOT MINE Gripped by a fear Washing over me like Black ink Thick Tangled Terror Out of nowhere It rushed in And covered me Infiltrating Every molecule In me I know fear I do not keep Company With it However This fear Is unfamiliar This fear Is not Mine Dear

NOT MINE2021-12-11T19:32:19+00:00


THE WARRIOR VS. THE SURVIVOR Sunrises Sunsets Moonrises Moonsets The days run together Minutes turn to hours Hours turn to days Days turn to weeks Weeks turn to months Time slows down Bending in waves That fold in on one another That layer on top of one another Dimensions morph

THE WARRIOR VS THE SURVIVOR2021-12-11T19:32:28+00:00


MUDSLIDE   Racing through the mud To get nowhere except Out of the mud Sliding down To a new bottom With familiar twists I have slid so many times So many ways I am shocked That I am shocked At the pain Riveting through me Looking up Unable to move



ORANGE IS JOY   Spinning through Soft Orange mist Slowly rolling Gliding Weightless Not in this world Not outside of it Everything sensuous The visuals The sounds The smells The textures Accentuated As if I am nothing As if I am everything I see you Ahead of me Gracefulness In

ORANGE IS JOY2021-12-11T19:32:47+00:00


ALL THERE IS TO KNOW   Head to the computer Keeping myself from thinking My heart pounds repeating Your name Like a stallion Full speed with muscles tense My lips move repeating Your words Like a vinyl record The needle never skipping My mind reviews repeating Your images Like a

ALL THERE IS TO KNOW2021-12-11T19:32:56+00:00


FACETIME FANTASY   Reaching out Until my finger tips Touch your Cheekbone One finger tracing Slowly Moving to Outline the Soft Fullness Of your Lips To your other Cheekbone Following Flowing Outwards Circling Your Ear Drifting through Curls Of Hair Hand shaking Heart racing Breathless Time stands Still Even slower

FACETIME FANTASY2021-12-11T19:33:05+00:00


THE FIRST VISIT   Your voice lingering after you are gone Draped over me like fine black silk Soft and sensual Moving across my skin Waiting For it to disappear As mist in the darkness   It doesn’t Instead it Wraps me in It’s seductive rhythm   Eyes closed Barely

THE FIRST VISIT2021-12-11T19:33:16+00:00


SIXTY   60. Not sure how this happened. It flew by. I am puzzled by it all. I still feel 15 inside ... perhaps 18 ... but no matter what the inside feels ... it doesn’t match the outside. Seems so surreal. Not bad ... simply rather mysterious. I can

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