The truth is that I am scared that I will lose what I have with you
By telling you what I fantasize about with you
Your coaching ringing in my ears
The risk so big and all I can do is trust

So here I am trusting …
The nervous laughter gone, the jokes subdued, the fear silenced
I write like it is being channeled , but I know I am the one writing
From a place so deep inside that only I can summon it forth
Consciously, Deliberately, Intentionally I pull it out of me
My truth, in words, into your listening
I let it roll off my fingers …
The thoughts I have resisted

Your beauty jolts me every second I am looking at you
I control myself not to reach out
Run my fingers along your cheekbones
Just to make sure they are real
Your hair … strand by stand
I avoid watching the light catch it when you move
Your soft, bright eyes a place I could get lost in
I steady myself not to draw close
Brushing my lips across your lashes

Your voice mesmerizes me
I listen intently to each word
Not wanting to miss a single sound you make
Thick, your each nuance, lingers in my mind
Your breathing quickens me
I file it all away to call back whenever I choose ==

Your skin thrills me into attention
Always hidden behind clothes
I create all of you
From my limited view of your hands, throat, ankles
My artist takes in every detail, each pore
Craving just to touch it
I am left breathless & weightless
Knowing all that I cannot see & certainly cannot feel
Is more exciting than I can ever imagine
I imagine much

I imagine stealing you away
To spend time with you alone
Discovering all that is cloaked in mystery
Surrendering myself with you
Talking until all the questions are answered
Finding out what really intrigues me so
Finding out who we are

Finally, when the talk is all done
I imagine pulling you to me
So close that we can’t distinguish
Your body from mine
The electricity beneath the surface raging
Stroking the heat into flames
No limits or fears to stop us
Powerful women unleashed
In a space where anything IS possible

We allow others so much freedom
Could we allow ourselves that?
What would stop us?

I won’t be able to pretend that I didn’t write this
Even though I may want to
There is an awkward clarity in speaking it out to you
Whatever you think at this moment I know you big enough
To not kill me off
Whatever you think at this moment know me big enough
To not kill you off
I can be with the what’s-so
No expectations.
Nothing to run from

You & I not from the same world
You & I partners for the world together
I honor you.
I am grateful for you.
I cherish you.
None of this diminishes that.
A lifetime stand … for our relationship
A lifetime commitment … bigger than my fantasies
A lifetime love … bigger than my desires
Love …
Accepting someone just as they are
Just as they aren’t.
Thank you for who you are that I get to experience this love.
You are a blessing in my life.