A THIN RAY OF LIGHT When words stop Flowing And the silence is Dominate I worry That I have slipped Into that cold dark Place I have lived so much Of my life inside of Such a contrast From the Warmth Light Flow Of the world With you A world

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UNBEARABLE Wavering between Unbearableness Numbness Avoidance Confusion Frustration Eventually coming back to Everything seeming unbearable Always so good at Pushing through the emotions Accomplishing things Moving shadows out of the way Shining light in the darkness Normalizing the emptiness Focusing on what’s next I obsess with minutiae I work harder



GRIEF I have stopped Searching I have quietened down Accepting I may Never hear from you Again In these months I have fulfilled on Everything I had Set in motion When I thought There was a future With you It is such an Accomplishment But seemingly Pointless Leaving me Empty



NOT KNOWING I know Joy Love Gratitude Tenderness Compassion Connection Trust Faith Vulnerability I know Fear Pain Sadness Desperation Grief Longing Doubt Emptiness Disconnection I know So much I know So little Everything I know Leads to something I don’t know Everything I don’t know Leads to something I know

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GRATITUDE Sometimes In the quietness I feel it all bubble up Rising to the surface With unstoppable Relentless Force I no longer try To choke it down Push it away Cover it up I don’t need to Be strong Anymore I allow for it To run it’s course Taking over



THE KIND OF SOFT The kind of soft That awakens Every cell and Opens my Shielded senses Baring all The kind of soft That warms To the touch and Melts my Every edge In an instant The kind of soft That humbles My facade and Blushes my Cheeks Beyond recovery

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OUT THERE The quiet Still & Infinite Holding The scene Together With divine Timing Arrays of Lighting bursts Flashing One after another Across the sky Throwing Luminous streams In, out and through The dark clouds Steady waves Rolling Against the shore Keeping the rhythm Ominous Thunder Moving from Low rumbling

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QUIETNESS Seeking quiet I hear you Whispering Seeking light I find you Glimmering Seeking love I feel you Breathing Seeking clarity I see you Smiling Out of the Corner Of my eye I barely Notice The world Continuing to Spin All I want All I need Is you Is here



MISSING AGAIN The tenderness I feel for you Is so deep My heart Is filled With Softness Longing Vulnerability I never imagined I could miss You More than I missed you Before The missing of Decades The reuniting Of a year The missing of Months How can This missing Be

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ASKING I ask because I don’t Want to do Anything That impacts You Without your Permission I ask because You deserve Complete Free will And a say In your Life Always I may not Want to hear Your answer I may not Want to hear No answer But I ask

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