My soul needs passion
Hard, rough, cross-the-line-of-pain passion

Wretch it out, twist it up, make my eyes burn
Hear me scream, beg you to stop
Beg you to return

I can beg … I don’t wanna
But I will …
No pride, no ego, no frail little grrl

Bring it on, I can take it
I need it, I crave it
I’ve lived too long to pretend
Too wild to even fake it

Your words ripple through me like
A storm in the night
Dark, cold, hot, electric … bright

Passion exploding
Fear imploding
Is it me … is it you
I don’t really care
I wanna breathe it in … I’ll take the dare

All the tricks
All the lovers
All the come-ons & fuck-offs
It poses & hovers
I laugh at my payoffs

It’s passion I’m seeking
It’s passion that runs me
I thrill while you’re speaking
Your word they spin me

Wanna watch as you live it
Wanna suck it all in
Wanna take each perfect hit
And tongue it again

I can taste each emotion
And wheel it back out
I can waste each moment
Or bring it about

I’m naked, I’m skinned
I’m hot against the wall
My core has been thinned
But I’m not afraid to fall

It ain’t what you think
It ain’t what you fear
You don’t even know
What I’m after, my dear

The passion has been silent
The passion has been stopped
I expand & don’t repent
I know it can’t be dropped

It ain’t sex I’m after
It’s deeper somehow
It’s passion that I live on
I know you’ll show me how

I’ve loved you for forever
This passion isn’t new
My twisted, wise angel
My soul seeks the light … and  the dark of you