I take down the walls
A brick at a time
Your view clear now
I’m exposed
I never knew I could stand
Naked in front of anyone
I am scared … shaking, but
My skin warm in your light
My heart & soul visible
To you
My mind free
To make plan with you in them
So much time open now that
I am not wasting it building
The walls
A new world available
For me to walk in
Naked with you
A world of love & intimacy
I don’t cast shadows
On it without my walls
Openings, clearings, pathways
To you
To my depths
My love for you this infinite
A commitment made by
A woman who never
Feelings felt by a woman
Who had been numb
A small price to pay
I will strip over & over & over again
For you
I know it is just the beginning
Giving myself over
Removing resistance before it
My soft gentle angel
Here to teach me
My loving powerful woman
Here to excite me
Naked I hide nothing from you
Holding it out to you as an offering
All of it … pretty & not
& when the time comes
I too, powerful & solid & bold
In my nakedness
Arms around you
Your protector
Your rock
Your peacemaker