It’s obvious that you know what to do with me

Walking down this well lit corridor
Every shadow crystal clear
No place to hide
No reason to run
I am vulnerable & open
The darker path has always been so comfortable
Seeking out the coldness
Standing in bleak silence
Searching for the familiar emptiness
With crevices to get lost in

But you take me here instead
And you know
That with you here to hold my hand
I will find a new center of being
A place in the light
A warmth
A peaceful sound
A fullness

You didn’t even ask
You just knew to take me here
With you
You didn’t even question me
You just went & I followed You

You obviously knew what to do with me
It was so simple for you
It hasn’t been for anyone else
I never followed before
I never let myself trust before
I never felt or saw or knew light like this
You knew
You knew just what to do

And I love you for this more than shows
And I crave you for this more than I ever craved
In the dark, silent, cold, emptiness
That had become my life

Thank you