Your eyes own something in me
Returning to you I saw them before anything else
Haunting, beautiful, deep, intense
I knew immediately they were owner’s eyes

They proved it quickly
That part of me that craves and yearns and responds instantly
That part of me with no control or desire to control
That part of me that cries & screams & begs & moans & laughs

Your eyes own something in me
That use to scare me
But the fear is gone
I look straight into them now
Desiring to experience all they offer me
In return for relinquishing freely what they own

Your eyes free me in their ownership
Free to be touched, intimate, loving
Free to accept, take, give
Free to know all the burning intensity
I have always locked away

Your eyes own something in me
That I gratefully give you
The tears of being overwhelmed ~ washing me
The excitement of feeling ~ shaking me
The intrigue of what is next ~ capturing me
The heat of desire ~ consuming me

I want to get lost in those eyes
They can own as much or as little as you want
Just keep looking at me
I am looking back