Looking at your photo
My substitute for real-life
I can feel your skin, taste the salt, smell your sweetness

I feel possessed
Your spell is stronger than I am, I cannot break it

I don’t want to break it
I like the swoon-factor, the dizziness, the blood rushing to my clit … I could throb all night & not tire of it
Beg for more, wallow in it, crank it up another notch
And another and another
Til I am screaming from your possession

I take you on
In all your heat, with all my fear
I want you
Now, now, whenever, forever, NOW

You are not my savior
But I have saved myself for you
I am not your answer
But I answer to you

Not a moment can pass without me feeling you
Not a moment can pass without me desiring you
Not a moment can pass without you

I am here

You can take me or give to me
You can love me or be loved by me

We can fuck or make love
Not none no one … no no
Not even a choice … I have no choice
I am yours

If I had a choice
I would still be yours

What are you going to do with me now?
Tomorrow? The next day? Next week? Next month? Next year?
I am going to love you

Looking at your photo
The substitute is better than any real-life I have ever had

You will be better than the substitute