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CALL ME FOOLISH I believe in Good Love Infinity Blind faith has led My life It doesn’t always go As I want it to But it goes as is Divinely perfect I rarely understand I simply believe In the belief I am Consoled I seek Joy

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FULL MOON IN ARIES Flatlined A steady white noise No beat No echo Sister moon I release all that doesn’t serve me Including my mind Including my emotions Particularly my heart I hand it to you To do with what you wish All of it For

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UNBEARABLE Wavering between Unbearableness Numbness Avoidance Confusion Frustration Eventually coming back to Everything seeming unbearable Always so good at Pushing through the emotions Accomplishing things Moving shadows out of the way Shining light in the darkness Normalizing the emptiness Focusing on what’s next I obsess with

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GRIEF I have stopped Searching I have quietened down Accepting I may Never hear from you Again In these months I have fulfilled on Everything I had Set in motion When I thought There was a future With you It is such an Accomplishment But seemingly

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NOT KNOWING I know Joy Love Gratitude Tenderness Compassion Connection Trust Faith Vulnerability I know Fear Pain Sadness Desperation Grief Longing Doubt Emptiness Disconnection I know So much I know So little Everything I know Leads to something I don’t know Everything I don’t know Leads

By |June 26th, 2021|Categories: Poetry, The One Who Got Away - Twice|0 Comments
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