YOURS   I didn't know it could be like this Never even dreamed of these feelings Suddenly the little voice said What if? And on a dare my world opened up To find you in it You quench my soul Like cold water in the heat of summer I craved you for as long as I remember Not even knowing who you would be Or

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GAME ON   Speaking my truth Makes me shake As much as your hands On my skin Unchartered territory A piece of blue in my pocket I drive off To be days away from you The longing sets in immediately Return to you? These is nowhere else With you Yours You have to know it No pretense needed It came over me like a flush

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MISSING YOU   I am forgetting anything I said About never wanting to be with anyone again I am actually missing you tonight In each others arms night after night My bed seems so big & empty now Your body ... such a presence ... asleep or awake Not here ... Me not there ... I don't know when it all shifted But it did

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DANGEROUS TOGETHER   Your hands shift from soft & light To urgent & powerful Either touch spins me I find myself throbbing & wet No desire to control it I let my senses run Talk to you? No words will tell you what My body is telling you Listen to my breathing As it shortens & speeds up Feel the heat raging from inside Know

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PAST IN MY FUTURE   Not knowing what to do with my hands As I move around in my seat These hands that hold lives in them daily Suddenly, the silly 15 year old in me Battling for my own power That fluctuates around you Floating in and out of comfort My safety net gone I listen to your voice As you spin your tales

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BLESSINGS FROM OTHER LANDS   The truth is that I am scared that I will lose what I have with you By telling you what I fantasize about with you Your coaching ringing in my ears The risk so big and all I can do is trust So here I am trusting ... The nervous laughter gone, the jokes subdued, the fear silenced I write

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SOON   I have worked til I can't anymore ... I need to sleep but all I can do is think about you - I miss your skin - your smile - your lips I want nothing more than to just be able to lay beside you, my arms around you, my lips on your neck, my breasts against your back - to hold you

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MY SOUL DON'T NEED SEX   My soul needs passion Hard, rough, cross-the-line-of-pain passion Wretch it out, twist it up, make my eyes burn Hear me scream, beg you to stop Beg you to return Passion I can beg ... I don't wanna But I will ... No pride, no ego, no frail little grrl Bring it on, I can take it I need it,

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NAKED   I take down the walls A brick at a time Your view clear now I'm exposed I never knew I could stand Naked in front of anyone I am scared ... shaking, but My skin warm in your light Transparent My heart & soul visible To you My mind free To make plan with you in them So much time open now that

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THE SUBSTITUTE   Looking at your photo My substitute for real-life I can feel your skin, taste the salt, smell your sweetness I feel possessed Your spell is stronger than I am, I cannot break it I don't want to break it I like the swoon-factor, the dizziness, the blood rushing to my clit ... I could throb all night & not tire of it

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