CORE   Laying Behind you Kissing the softness Of your neck & back Loving you Wanting you From my core But peaceful with my passion Knowing I have lived my whole life Just to have this now With you Knowing I will spend the rest of my life Wanting you Loving you From my core

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THE CHILDREN THAT RAISED ME   It is life It is the way it works The only child left (DAMN YOU JAY, you checked out Knowing you couldn't handle this...) The single grrl child The new parent Never birthed any children Don't know nuthin about birthing Too selfish for that Perhaps just too scared of doing it wrong Alone now to figure it out No

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THE KILLER   When I first felt love for each of them I knew They must die The voices in my head that ran me told me so It was Me or Them Pain will come Kill them before it is too late I sit before the names All the women I loved & killed Believing my voices Made-up risks & reality Cloaked in reasons

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THE MUSE   The muse isn’t physically present anymore There was a time that I could simply look over at her... Her beauty, her darkness, her intensity Igniting instant fire in me from somewhere deep & pulsating outward I couldn’t ignore the passion, the wetness in my soul My dark muse She was living, breathing, liquid art She surfaced my madness I didn’t know what

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OBVIOUS   It’s obvious that you know what to do with me Walking down this well lit corridor Every shadow crystal clear No place to hide No reason to run I am vulnerable & open The darker path has always been so comfortable Seeking out the coldness Standing in bleak silence Searching for the familiar emptiness With crevices to get lost in But you take

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YOUR EYES   Your eyes own something in me Returning to you I saw them before anything else Haunting, beautiful, deep, intense I knew immediately they were owner's eyes They proved it quickly Owning That part of me that craves and yearns and responds instantly That part of me with no control or desire to control That part of me that cries & screams &

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