I didn’t know it could be like this
Never even dreamed of these feelings
Suddenly the little voice said
What if?
And on a dare my world opened up
To find you in it

You quench my soul
Like cold water in the heat of summer
I craved you for as long as I remember
Not even knowing who you would be
Or when you would show up
Not looking or waiting
But longing
The least likely becomes the one

I give myself to you
Me …  the ugly, beautiful, complex, simple
Open unstoppable commitment
Breathless – panting from running
So long so far
Towards you

You soothe my rawness
You light my passion
You excite my creativity
You bring everything I hid away
To the surface
And treat it tenderly
Me … the center of safety
For everyone else
Finally safe
While my heart races

Dipping into you I rise
Fire does not burn this hot
Air does not float this lightly
Water is not this fluid
Watching you
I am on the edge
Looking into your eyes
I dive in