Your hands shift from soft & light
To urgent & powerful
Either touch spins me
I find myself throbbing & wet
No desire to control it
I let my senses run

Talk to you?
No words will tell you what
My body is telling you
Listen to my breathing
As it shortens & speeds up
Feel the heat raging from inside
Know the trembling in my thighs

We’re playing with fire
But no one will get burnt
Linger a moment too long
With any movement
And the entire context alters
Dangerous women testing the water

Sublime intensity
Unable to stop
Wanting nothing more than what-is
What-is making me want to scream
We both know we are on the edge
And we carefully plot each move
To take the intensity farther

Your skin against mine
Plays havoc on my logic
Sensuality rules
Our skills giving way to
An illusion of patience
Stretching out each moment
Beyond imagination

We play with our limits
Like they are non-existent
Creating a new space
Where we haven’t been
A new form of exquisite torture
The line between pain & pleasure
Erupting in gasps & sighs

I crave you
So much I don’t know about you
But I do know
And I beg it onward
Me – the mistress of mystery
Stumped by the mystery of you & not
Called forth to thrill at the pressure
Building inside as your weight against me
Holds me captivated

I can’t think of you now without shivering
There is this long awaiting
Right beneath the surface
Ready to unleash
I know you can handle it
I know you will handle me
Do you know I will handle you?

No rush
I am only too ready
To bring something new forward
With you
At any pace
I have waited a very long time
It is part of the design
Of things as they should be

But are you ready
For the surprises that lie hidden still?
This will not be a one way street
Once unleashed
I will take you to new zones
Piquing things in you that you
Cannot imagine yet

I do not know what it will look like
But I know there will be no
Going back
Players in a game of reality
We both desire
Where we choose to leave behind
Our safety nets
For the sake of
Discovering new intimacy

You talk to me.
I’m listening with every pore
And I will respond.