Speaking my truth
Makes me shake
As much as your hands
On my skin
Unchartered territory

A piece of blue in my pocket
I drive off
To be days away from you
The longing sets in immediately
Return to you?
These is nowhere else
With you

You have to know it
No pretense needed
It came over me like a flush
Looking at you
Moments added together
And then it was
Just a dual knowing …
I love you
I am in love with you

Too fast … Too slow
I don’t know … don’t care
It is so simple
Concerned only
That I will scare you off
Please don’t run
No requirements
Just be with me
Like I’ve never said it
Or like I have
Either way
It doesn’t have to scare you
I have been here for days now

The white streak in your hair
The veins in your hands
The shine of your eyes
Your voice close to my ear in the night
The heat of your skin
Your tenderness
I take it all with me
A piece of blue in my pocket
My feelings
Music to dive by

I give you me
It is only now that I
Can see it is a gift
Separate from the gifts
You have given me …
The gifts of light, love, passion, peace
The gift of my own soul
I refuse to be scared
To give this gift
You free to take it or leave it
Do with it what you wish
It is yours

When I return
I will still be yours
I will still love you
I will still be in love with you
With each moment
Without you

My thoughts & feelings …
Don’t limit your freedom
But know …
I am playing for keeps
Game on ..